How to create a gym website

You don’t need to start from scratch in building a fitness and gym website.

Colibri has you covered.

We provide a template for fitness and gym; you can customize it to reflect your company and brand personality.

Login to with the username and password you’ve chosen.

Click on CREATE NEW SITE and you’ll be taken to the list of demo sites available.

Scroll down the list of demo sites until you find “Gym”. If you hover your mouse over the template, you’ll have 2 options:

  • Preview gym
  • Start with gym


Preview gym:

You’ll be taken to the demo site available in the Colibri platform. You can take a closer look at its functionalities and design, and make an idea of what your future website will look like:



Start with gym:

If you click on Start with gym, you’ll go to the Customizer, where you’ll find all the functionalities and you’ll be able to make all needed customizations.

Modify text


To modify any text in the demo website, just place your mouse cursor onto the text in the preview area, and start replacing the already existing text:


In the example above, placing the mouse cursor onto the Heading will open the corresponding section in the Customizer. You can change the Heading type, the text alignment, etc.


To change the color, font-family, font weight, and experiment by making typography innovations, you only have to select the part of text you want to modify, and make adjustments from the upper typography bar.


Modify Content Swap Colors


To modify the Content Swap properties, you have to just click on the elements in the section, and the corresponding features will open in the Customizer. You can change the background color from the color picker next to Background Color:



For more functionalities you can change in case you want too build a fitness and gym website, please refer to


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