How to create an interior design presentation website

With Colibriwp, there’s a demo for almost every website you want to create. Today, we’ll show you how to create an interior design website.

You need to click on Create New Site, name your new project and choose the Interior Design demo to work on.

Change Hero

You can change the Hero, so as to best represent your company. It should include the best picture of interior design you can provide to your users.

To the Hero image, you can apply an overlay (the overlay is a semi-transparent color that is applied on top of the background, to obtain a nice visual effect).

The chromatic coherence is part of the design. If you want to keep it throughout your new website, you might use the functionality of linked elements.

Overlappable sections

In the homepage, you can add as many content sections as you want. The first sections are overlappable, so you can choose one and insert it into your page. The page will look pretty much like that in the demo site, only with your own elements (content, images, links).


Customize content sections


If you want to customize certain sections in the website pages, go to those sections, place the mouse cursor over them in the left-hand menu of the Customizer, and you’ll be taken to the respective sections.


Each and every element of a particular section has its corresponding features section in the Customizer. Put the mouse on those elements and open the corresponding sections in the Customizer:


For instance, the call-to-action button has a fuchsia color into the background, that you can change from the Style tab for the Button. If you want to change the text of the button, use the Content tab for that same Button.

From the Advanced tab, you can view that the same style is in use for 9 elements in the page. You have the option to keep it or unlink the elements and customize them separately.


For more information about customizing your interior design website, please refer to the Colibriwp documentation.


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