How to create a print shop website


To create a print shop website, you can use the template for Print available in the list of Colibriwp templates.

Login to the app and choose the template for Print. You’ll be taken to the Customizer, where you can start customizing your own website.


print shop website demo


Insert a logo for your website

Let’s start from the beginning. You need to upload a logo for your website. Due to our features, this logo can be an image, a simple text, or an image with text associated to it.

In this case, we use the logo image only feature, and uploaded the logo image along with an alternate logo image:


print shop website - logo


Edit the navigation bar

To edit the Navigation bar, make sure you are adjusting settings for the Navigation component. You can choose a particular layout (logo on the left; logo above menu; logo on left, menu at the center and CTA button on right; menu on left, logo at the center and CTA button on right; logo and CTA button above, and menu). In the left-hand menu of the Customizer, you have a preview for each of these layouts, so you can easily see if a certain layout matches your design better than other options.



Also, you can use the Style and Advanced features, for more options regarding the navigation bar.


Note: in case of the logo, the style has been kept for a different element as well. As a result, you get a message in the template that “Style is used by 2 elements”. If you want to edit the elements independently, click on Unlink.


Like any other template, this one has been optimized for display on mobile devices (mobile and tablet). In this mobile-first era, to have a mobile responsive website is no longer an option. Colibriwp has you covered, when customizing your website, you can always check its view on mobile devices, as well.


For further information about how you can customize your print shop website, please check the documentation.

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