How to create an SEO agency website


If you want to start building a SEO agency website, our Colibriwp demo will help you a lot.

Login to and go to the list of demos, where you’ll find the demo for SEO services. By clicking Start with SEO, you’ll go to the Customizer, where you can easily change settings so as to build a perfectly customized site for your own agency.


Animated Titles


As you can see, the demo for SEO agencies includes dynamic content that catches users’ attention and invites visitors to read more. Such dynamic content is specific to the title.

You can adjust this functionality by opening it in the Customizer, once you place your mouse cursor inside the element, in the live preview. The feature can be found in the Style tab, under Effects (Animation):


Young and Agile Company


Your website design tells a lot about what type of company you represent. It also tells a lot about what results clients should expect from an SEO agency like yours.

Due to Colibri, the site design can be adjusted with the help of simple elements, such as section dividers (one of the multiple components that are available in Colibriwp).


For this demo, as an example, there are 2 dividers in use: for the Header (separating it from the first page section) and for the Footer (separating it from the last section in the page). For the sake of design coherence, we used the same graphic dividers: Clouds.


Graphic separators (Dividers) are part of a set of advanced features Colibriwp makes available for website customization. To explore more features like this, please see the Colibriwp documentation, at


One of the most important sections in a SEO agency website, the Portfolio section, couldn’t miss from this demo. Feel free to take its elements one by one and adjust them according to your brand, from the Customizer options.

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