How to create a sushi restaurant website

To make a website for a Sushi Restaurant is very simple. You only need access to the app, and by pressing the CREATE NEW SITE button you’ll be prompted to enter a name for your new project.

Then select Sushi from our list of available templates, and start customizing your website.


Customize the Header


For the Header, we’ve chosen to include a slideshow. Of course, the images can be replaced with your own, to give a distinct look and feel of your sushi restaurant website. Only please remember to include images of impact, that attract clients and invite them to make a reservation as soon as possible:



For the slideshow, you can adjust slide duration (that is the amount of time a slide appears on the screen, before the next slide comes in) and the effect speed (how fast slides come out of view while new slides appear on the screen).


Include a gallery of images


For a sushi restaurant website to be truly eloquent, it’s a must to include an image gallery.



To replace the images with your own pictures, taken from your restaurant, just click on each element and upload a different image from your device.

You can adjust for each image:

  • Width type
  • Width
  • Column height
  • Minimum height
  • Content position
  • Horizontal alignment
  • The space between columns
  • The inner padding


Add content

To add content to the images and tell users what they represent, we included a Heading component for each picture.



You can set the background for the Heading text, both in normal state and on hover (when users hover their mouse over the respective item).

You can change the text by clicking on the elements in the Customizer, and overwriting the pre-existent names with other ones, representative for your offers in the sushi menu.

Try Orderable

With Orderable, you can take restaurant orders online easily. Customers can choose from unlimited menu items, and you can offer delivery and pickup services.

Here are some of the plugin’s main features:

  • Mobile-first design;
  • On-page ordering;
  • Product layout builder;
  • Timed products;
  • Order flow;
  • Product add-ons;
  • Custom checkout;
  • Order management;
  • Payment gateway support;
  • Free updates.


For more information about ways to customize your website for sushi restaurant, please refer to the documentation at

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