How to create a vineyard website

.To create a vineyard website, it shouldn’t take long.

We created the template for Vineyard, you’ll start customizing it in just a few minutes.

Login to the app, click on CREATE NEW SITE and give a name to your new project. Select Vineyard from our list of available templates, and start customizing it according to your preferences:


How to create a vineyard website 1


Slideshow in Header

In the Header of the homepage, you can keep the slideshow component. By clicking on each of the slides, you can replace the pre-existent images with new ones, representative of your own website:


How to create a vineyard website 2


You can add as many slides as you want, or you can delete some of the slides already included in the slideshow.

Also, you can modify the slide duration (how long a slide is displayed onto the screen, before the next slide comes in) and the effect speed (how fast or slow slides succeed to one another, in the slideshow).


Insert a logo, title, subtitle, call-to-action button

There are images of impact you’ll want to include in a slideshow presentation. Besides, you have to take care to every detail related to these elements:

  • Logo – the logo for this template includes the site title text. However, there are multiple options for you to choose from. Examples: logo image or logo image + text (where you place text differently as related to the image)
  • Title – to change the title text, place the cursor onto it and overwrite it, by inserting your own title for the homepage of the website
  • Subtitle – to change the text, place the cursor onto it and start typing again, including your own subtitle
  • Call-to-action – this will have the form of a button. Use the Content, Style and Advanced tabs to make the most of the customization options for CTA buttons.


How to create a vineyard website 3


To find out more about how you can customize your vineyard website, please refer to our documentation.

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