The Ultimate Guide to Setting a WordPress Recruitment Theme to a Site

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Learn how to use WordPress recruiting themes to create job boards, and career sections. Follow the installation and setting up steps

Job board websites can be of massive help to both candidates and employers. They help them connect, reach out, and make a deal. Of course, you can find jobs on Jooble, which is an excellent job aggregator. But if you are interested in creating your own website for career opportunities, WordPress is a great choice as well.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to use WordPress Recruitment themes to create a job board or career section on your website.


How To Use The WordPress Recruitment Themes or plugins To Get More Jobs


If you already have a WordPress website, it is not going to be a huge deal. You’ll need an appropriate plugin and theme that works with it smoothly. This way you won’t need any coding to do so.

What can you do with a job plugin? Here are the main features to look for:

  • Career page;
  • Post job offerings;
  • Create search filters;
  • Decide on how to display posting;
  • Highlight featured jobs;
  • Offer the opportunity to upload resume and files;
  • Set automated email notifications;
  • Create social media share tags;
  • Use Google captcha for safety and security.

The Best Career Plugins for WordPress

WordPress Recruitment Theme

There is a huge choice when it comes to WordPress plugins, so it might be a bit overwhelming to settle on one. However, some are significantly better than others. Here are the best options out there to consider for your website.

1. WP Job Openings

This is a powerful and simple plugin that is constantly updated. It offers two layout styles – Grid and List. It also has a user-friendly design, unlimited filters, and unlimited job specifications. Also, this plugin allows the creation of HR roles and automates application submission form. You can customize the email notifications and upgrade postings with SEO in mind.

2. Job Manager & Career

This is another functional and well-performing plugin. Here you can easily manage and organize job postings, create a filtering system, and set automated email notifications. It comes with Google ReCaptcha and a feature job highlight. Candidates can upload files and apply for positions seamlessly.

3. WP Job Manager

This plugin is simple, functional, and easy to use. You can create a job board pretty fast and allow recruiters to register and post their offerings. Candidates get access to a simple dashboard to manage their applications. This one supports paid job postings, so you can have additional income. It offers email alerts and works with WooCommerce monetization.

4. WPJobBoard

This plugin gives the opportunity to create a career search engine on your site. Employers and recruiting agencies get access to the front-end admin dashboard to post and manage their offers. The plugin supports resume upload to create a candidate portal where recruiters can find suitable professionals. It comes with its own free theme and works with many other themes as well. WPJobBoard supports payment options, discounts, and membership deals.

5. Job Board Manager

It is also a simple yet useful plugin with all the necessary functionality. It has a shortcode feature, which makes it easy to display offers on other pages. Here you can also create postings and give access to a dashboard to recruiters and companies. It is SEO-friendly, has a company profile feature, and offers widgets as well. Here you can set job alerts and paid listings with WooCommerce.

The Best Job Board Themes

WordPress Recruitment Theme

Some plugins do come with their own themes, but you can also choose a separate one. There are many good ones out there. Here are some top picks to try and install:

1. Astra

Astra offers great customization opportunities and works with WooCommerce. It is quite fast and powerful, so it won’t slow down functionality. And it has one of the largest libraries of various site templates to choose from. Astra works with Job Manager & Career.

2. Emphires

This is an HR & Recruiting theme with a lot of customization options and a fully-responsive design. It is easy to use and you can set up the site in 5-10 minutes. It offers 8 home pages, more than 50 widgets, and 20+ page layout designs. You can add a blog, portfolio, and headers, and use custom typography.

3. JobBox

This is a clean and stylish professional website theme. JobBox works with WP Job Manager. It integrates with WooCommerce, comes with various front-end forms, and offers great customization in terms of layout, colors, and fonts. You’d get custom post types and settings, email forms, listings, and a decent library of templates.

4. Jobify

This one integrates with WP Job Manager as well. It has a modern and user-friendly interface, listing templates, a search bar, and filtering functionality. Also, it supports submissions from users. It works with WooCommerce as well and offers a fully-adjustable design for pages.

5. WorkScout

This one also works with WP Job Manager and offers an array of functionality. It is modern, well-designed, and has a lot of premium options. This allows the creation of a unique and user-friendly site that both applicants and employers would love. It comes with a one-click demo installation, which transforms your site immediately. After that, you can proceed with customization.

How to Create a WordPress Job Board

WordPress Recruitment Theme for website

When you are done choosing the suitable plugin and theme, it is time to get things going. Follow this simple guide to doing everything correctly.

Step 1. Back up your site. 

Before making any changes, it is necessary to make a backup. This is a standard safety measure that allows you to roll back if you do not like some of the changes. In case something goes not as planned, all your data will be stored securely. Overall, it is a good practice to do regular backups.

Step 2. Install the theme

Select a work-related theme from the ones mentioned earlier or another one you like. Pay attention to offered functionality, reviews, and regular updates. If the theme was not updated in a while (for example for a year), there might be some issues and errors because it doesn’t integrate correctly with the most recent site plugins.

If you have a hard time choosing a suitable one, try demos and see what you like most. Also, it is great if a theme comes with support.

When you are sure about your choice install it on your website:

  1. Log into your WP account;
  2. Go to “Appearances” – “Themes”;
  3. Select “Add New” at the top of the page;
  4. Search for your theme name;
  5. Click “Download”
  6. After that click “Activate”

That’s it, the theme is applied to your site.

Step 3. Install your plugin

Select the suitable plugin and install it like that:

  1. Log into your WP account;
  2. Go to the Dashboard;
  3. Choose “Plugins” and click “Add New”;
  4. Find your plugin;
  5. Click “Install”;
  6. After that, click “Activate”.

Also, you can download a zip file of a plugin, go to “Plugins”, choose “Add New” and select “Upload Plugin”. Select the zip file on your computer, and install and activate it.

WordPress Recruitment Theme for site

Now you can work on the job board and create the pages and functionality you need. The exact steps depend on the plugin you choose and its architecture. But all of the given above are user-friendly and do not require any coding experience. But if you are a complete beginner, it might take some time to figure things out.

Step 4. Add extensions

Besides the plugin and the theme’s basic functionality, you can also add some extensions to your job board. This is an optional stage. For example, WP Job Manager supports various extensions. But keep in mind that additional features are usually not free.

It is worth noting that you do not have to use a new theme if you do not want to. If you already have a good theme running on your website and it works correctly with a plugin, you’ll get all the essential functionality. But themes that are created specifically for career sections and job boards might be beneficial in terms of style, integration, SEO, and layout.

In Summary 

If you want to create a job board website or add such functionality to an existing platform, you’ll need a robust and powerful plugin and a relevant theme. As the best of them come with a multitude of features and templates, the hardest part is choosing the one you like. When you decide on it, you can simply install a theme and plugin after. Now you can get to setting up pages and customizing the design.

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