Turquoise Color Schemes for Websites

Turquoise is an interesting color. And turquoise color schemes stir up curiosity . Both in real life and online, it is deemed a perfectly visible color, intriguing and extremely eloquent, at the same time.

In today’s article, we’ll focus on the online use of turquoise, in interesting combinations that make websites stand out.

More precisely, we’ll start from one single color: turquoise. It’s a greenish-blue color, whose RGB code is #40E0D0.

When choosing a color scheme for your website, turquoise can come in different combinations, depending on your selection in the website builder. In this case, we’ll take the example of Colibriwp.

Some suggestions of color combinations that include turquoise

Turquoise color schemes

Image credit: https://www.color-hex.com/color-palette/1836


This graphic shows different shades of turquoise, each with its HEX/RGB code. These can be combined with contrasting colors, that showcase content you want to emphasize in the website pages.

Shades go from the lightest turquoise to the darkest nuances, so you have to pick the shade that best matches the turquoise color schemes you want to build and integrate into your website.


Turquoise color schemes

Image credit: https://www.color-hex.com/color-palette/43053


This color palette combines turquoise and blue and you have the HEX/RGB code for each of the nuances that are combined. This color combo is suitable for a website where you prefer lighter nuances. Otherwise, you can choose the shade that best matches your design.  Therefore, you can start building your own color scheme starting from that color. It’s recommended that you choose contrasting colors in relation to the basic turquoise you’ve selected for your color scheme.

Now, we’ll pass turquoise through all color schemes available in Colibriwp. We’ll discuss the effects of every color scheme that integrates turquoise in its combination:


Turquoise in color scheme 1


How to create turquoise color schemes in ColibriWP


For ease of use, each color in the selected color scheme has details about the HEX code. This way, the color can be replicated anywhere else into the site, by just introducing the same HEX code for the element you want to customize.

This is an interesting color combination, due to the presence of orange and white into a chain of otherwise cold colors. There’s a perfect balance between blue, turquoise, green, on the one hand, and orange, white, black, on the other hand. The first range of colors ensures the basis upon which to build the presentation. The second range of colors sustain visibility of elements that borrow these nuances and shades.

For each color in the color scheme, you can expand the panel with the HEX code you might need to note down for further use in the website.


Turquoise in color scheme 2



This is a livelier color scheme. It includes orange and yellow, for a brightness effect. White couldn’t miss from the color combination that determines the chromatic balance of the whole website.

These adjacent colors, next to turquoise, tone it up and down depending on the area you are customizing in the website pages. It’s adequate for websites where you need a sufficiently visible color scheme. In the meantime, they allow content to shine by itself in the different pages.

This color scheme uses complementary colors in a successful way, leaving room for uniqueness to work its way to what’s obvious and agreeable to notice in the web pages.

Note down the HEX code for each color, to replicate it in other areas of the website, if you want to keep a coherent color scheme all throughout the pages.


Turquoise in color scheme 3



This color scheme puts together turquoise and a variation of it, orange and green for an interesting color combination. The turquoise variations and vivid colors create a chromatic balance you can successfully use in your website, for agreeable effects. The contrast between cold and warm colors is light, due to the nuances this color schemes includes. Orange and green are perfect for call-to-action buttons. They are salient within the overall color scheme, where turquoise, blue, white and black are dominant.


We hope these chromatic combinations inspire you and help you design the perfect website, that eloquently express your company’s or your identity. Also, feel free to experiment with different combinations. And feel free to include different nuances in the color scheme you’ll use as the basis for your design. ColibriWP is the right tool for such experiments.


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