23+ Watercolor Backgrounds for Astonishing Websites

watercolor background

This technique of using watercolor backgrounds requires a careful combination of colors. It involves even hues of the same color, as immersed and spreading their color out in the dissolving water.

When used attentively, the watercolor technique can create beautiful websites. Thus websites go from common sites to special ones, just by a simple change of the background.

What’s also important to keep in mind, watercolor backgrounds are suitable for certain types of websites, depending on the company/website specifics. Depositphotos can be a great resource for watercolor backgrounds and other vector illustrations.

For instance, if content and information are more important than the emotions you want to transmit through colors, you should choose light watercolor backgrounds. Otherwise, you’ll let colors express and speak for themselves. Let’s see what they have to say…

  1. Cool colors in watercolor background – download

Cool watercolor backgrounds

This background combines blue and violet in a way that’s pleasant to the eye. Normally, the nearness of blue and violet would be shocking, but with this watercolor technique, they melt into each other congruously.

It’s suitable for artists’ websites, painters especially. It gives a note of bohemian style and studied carelessness you cannot but love while watching.

  1. Vivid colors in watercolor background – download

Vivid colors in watercolor backgrounds

This background is especially suited for events websites. It comprises vivid colors, and it stirs up curiosity about what’s inside (the website, and then the event itself).

It is formed just of the primary colors, but in a complex way that makes it possible to create complex websites designs. The colors have their maximal concentration in certain parts of the background, and then vanish into the other color in other parts of the background. To be used carefully in placing content so that it’s fully visible to web surfers.

  1. Hand-painted watercolor with flowers – download

This background plays on the combination of light pink and white. It asymmetrically places two flowers at the corners of the background, as if lightening the whole page.

The pattern is suitable for wedding websites, where liveliness is more than welcome. Also, it’s handy as all content can be placed in the central part of the background, which has a lighter color and makes text and additional images fully visible on site.

  1. Powder purple watercolor background – download

Purple watercolor backgrounds

This watercolor background is also suitable for events. The presentation will be in lighter tones. And content (text, images, and videos) can be in more pronounced tones and have a harder value. The background itself irradiates positivity and optimism, and has great potential to transmit wellness to website visitors. That’s why you should make the most of it, use it and reuse it until it just looks perfect. And perfectly integrated into a cool events website.

Also, it adds some glamour. This can make every user feel brilliant, and want to keep this state: by booking their places to promoted events.

  1. Unusual watercolor background – download

unusual watercolor backgrounds

Unlike traditional watercolor backgrounds, this one uses primary colors in an innovative way. The watercolor technique is combined with powder splashes, which makes the background look gorgeous.

As the background above, this one can successfully be used for events websites, especially sites that promote concerts and electrical atmosphere. Also, this background can be used for creative agencies which take over from colors splashes and drives innovation to impressive limits.

  1. Simple pink watercolor background – download

This pink watercolor background is very effective for photography websites. Extending the area, it’s also suitable for wedding photography websites. It has warm colors, in fact one single color and various nuances of it, combined due to the watercolor technique into something beautiful, to say the least.

It leaves the impression of a background plan and a foreground one, both interlaced through concentrations of pink that drives attention to the page. Use it wisely and you’ll have a website that’s just perfect.

  1. Watercolor illustration ink clear star – download

This watercolor background is appropriate for apps websites. It combines watercolor technique with cool colors (blue and violet) and stars, making the whole shine with artistry. Blue and violet have different shades, so please be careful how you use this background when populating a page with content. That content needs to be visible to web surfers.

It’s a bold background, that can bring content to the forefront by the mere use of colors with an irreproachable technique.

  1. Joyful watercolor background – download

This watercolor technique is used in a somewhat weird way, again. It concentrated a vivid color palette in the upper left corner of the background, and this reflects back onto the bottom right corner, with paler colors. Between the two-color bouquets, some strokes of the palest color nuances mark the transition and let room for content.

It’s useful for education websites, which need many vivid colors to catch the audience’s attention and make them read the information on web pages.

  1. Fresh watercolor background – download

This is perfect for kindergarten websites. It looks fresh, it’s vivid, it transmits joy and liveliness all around. One more thing: kindergarten websites are deemed pretty simple, with not much content, but with content presented in an attractive way. That’s where this watercolor background comes into play. It enlivens content and makes it more convincing, through colors and their interesting combinations.

Pay attention to place content so it is visible to users and not “shaded” by background colors. It would be a pity for the message of the website…

  1. Creative fashion background – download

This watercolor background concentrates on the use of violet as a gradient.

The background is suitable for fashion websites, where jewelry is brought to the forefront by the elegant color that slightly goes from dark violet to light pink shades to white. The watercolor technique is inspiring, in that it can dictate the arrangement of jewelry pieces into the page, depending on their model complexity. More sophisticated models will be placed towards pink and white, while simpler models will be placed in the upper right corner of the page, where the background is darker.

  1. Green watercolor background – download

Such cool green watercolor backgrounds might be appropriate for business websites. Unlike the majority of business websites, a website that uses such a watercolor background adds a touch of humaneness to the presentation. It makes it more approachable and invites users to read more, find out more, learn more.

Also, it’s clear enough to not “shade” information that’s placed on top of it.

  1. Five color watercolor background – download


This watercolor background is suitable for events websites. Like the ones presented above, it has lively colors and combines watercolor technique and power splash to create an excellent effect. It also makes use of five different colors, which makes it a valuable background for websites that need vivid presentations.

It also needs careful adjustments of colors for the text of the page messages, so the text is visible enough to read and have a real impact on users.

  1. Orange watercolor gradient – download

Orange watercolor backgrounds

It’s a watercolor background that focuses on the use of orange. It uses different orange nuances, in the form of a gradient.

This type of watercolor background is useful for creative agencies, as well as reviews and other websites that always bring fresh content into their pages. It conveys liveliness and freshness to the presentation, and it ties in with the sense of energy that the company wants to reflect on their website pages.

  1. Pink watercolor leaves background – download

This watercolor background uses pink in a combination with some graphic forms that give contours and precision to the whole. It catches the subtle beauty of leaves as viewed in a different color that we are accustomed to pink. That’s why it’s a suitable background for fine jewelry, or special gifts.

Its note of optimism and light, agreeable emotions, makes it perfect for any website that wants to transmit exactly this: pleasant emotions and curiosity to discover more pages in the website.

  1. Green watercolor background – download

Green watercolor backgrounds

This watercolor background is good for websites that sell bioproducts, or for ecologists that present their causes. The whole background contains nuances of green, using the watercolor technique in a modern, stylish way. It’s a colorful background, so make sure you pair it with legible text in an adequate font, that makes the message stand out.

  1. Blue-green watercolor background – download

Blue green watercolor backgrounds

This can be suitable for abstract art. Or for unusual portfolios. Or even usual ones, presented in unusual manners. The blue-green color enhances content that’s placed on top of it. It’s a good occasion to put in meaningful text, together with images and videos that make your work stand out. This watercolor background doesn’t seem to attract views unless it’s populated with outstanding content, that’s worthy of being studied carefully, attentively.

  1. Pastel purple ink watercolor foliage background – download

It’s interesting both through the graphics it embodies, and the colors painted in a watercolor technique. It might be appropriate for summer collections of clothes, accessories that go well with summer clothes, or whole outfits that sparkle with charm. All content fits in the center of the background, so the power of expression is let to the margins that speak beauty through themselves.

  1. Hand-painted watercolor flower – download

Hand-painted watercolor backgrounds

It’s a watercolor background that speaks volumes by itself. The watercolor technique is used for white flowers, placed on a background where colors vanish one into the other. It can be useful for a postcards’ website, where the art of sending postcards is revived from the very background of the product pages. It can also be used independently, as background for certain sections of a web page, and not for the page as a whole. Thus, it can have the power to enhance certain messages in the web page, letting other sections with different or no backgrounds speak for themselves.

  1. Taobao watercolor flowers background – download

This is a discrete background, with just some tones of colors for the flowers that embellish it. It leaves enough room for content to be placed on pages and attract users with its message. The delicate art and the watercolor technique go hand in hand to create a beautiful background that can be selected for almost any kind of website.

  1. Blue watercolor background – download

Blue watercolor backgrounds

Blue is known to stand for professionalism, trustworthiness, transparency. Hence, this is a suitable background for companies that want to transmit those values to their readers. In addition, this watercolor background can make a website special through its simplicity, which brings content front and center. Text will be clearly visible on a website page, and easy to browse through. It all depends on your imagination, to make the whole website look excellent.

  1. Pink watercolor background – download

Again, pink comes in handy for new watercolor backgrounds. It enlivens web pages and makes them susceptible to interest from users who want to find out more. The company services can be presented in a way that’s impossible to skip and convey the wanted message in an articulated fashion.

  1. Pink and purple watercolor gradient background – download

gradient for watercolor backgrounds

When it comes to selecting this background, innovation is encouraged. Innovation in presenting the content and message of the website, and innovation in using colors to the benefit of the website. They stir appropriate emotions, curiosity and energy, and the will to get to know the company better.

  1. Watercolor texture background – download

This watercolor background is good for youthful agencies and creatives that have innovative ideas. Orange is fostering such emotions that make users search for more content in the website pages and want to get in touch with the team. This background also ensures dynamism. It encourages users to rapidly browse through the pages, to find the exact information they are looking for.

  1. Pink purple splash ink watercolor background material

Pink/purple watercolor backgrounds

This is a watercolor background that fits almost any type of website. Its light colors let the content speak louder, and more convincingly. They’re just the background onto which you can build any type of text message and pages that attract readers. It’s worth having a closer look at this watercolor background.


We hope we helped you choose a suitable background for your website. This selection of 24 watercolor backgrounds might inspire you. It might give you a hint as to where you can start from, in designing your website. If 24 ain’t enough, here you have 50 more watercolor textures.

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