The Key Role of a Website Tagline

What is a tagline on a website?


A website tagline, together with the site title, defines that site identity. While the title sums up what the site is about, the tagline develops the title in a descriptive phrase telling more about the company’s activity.

A tagline is key in connecting the company with its audience. It sets users in a state of wishing to find out more, which results in further exploration of the site pages.


What should a tagline look like?


A tagline should be a description accompanying the title. It should be text. And the text should have the form of a slogan, something memorable that users can’t help but remember.

It should look like a phrase that supports the title; hence it needs to “stay” next to the site title.


Example of tagline:


Website tagline


Where do you see the website tagline? Where to place your tagline in your website?


As we already said, the tagline should appear next to the site title. It’s easy to recognize, by this clear association with the website title.

The tagline displays after the title.


Example of tagline after the title:


Website tagline display

Where does a tagline show up on Google?


A site tagline might appear in the link description, on the Google results pages. If so, it plays an important role in raising people’s interest in that Google result, and has a direct impact on the Click-Through-Rate.

Depending on how relevant Google sees the tagline, it’ll choose to display it in the results page or not. The tagline display in Google is not guaranteed. Google might choose another text to display in the results page. Or else, you might want a specific Meta description that appears exclusively in Google.


How to display the tagline of website?


Any WordPress theme has a section dedicated to Site Identity (in the Customizer -> General Settings -> Site Identity). Within that section, you’ll be able to fill in the banks with the title and tagline you want for your site. Then hit “Publish”.

If you visit the site, you’ll see the tagline appears after the title, in the browser tab where you open the website:


Title and Tagline


Is the tagline necessary when designing a website?


Since the tagline contributes to the site identity, it’s obvious that it’s necessary from the very start, in designing a website.

The tagline completes the title, providing some more details about the topic of the website.

Also, the tagline might have SEO value, if it’s well written and highly relevant for the site content. Thus, it might increase the chances of a website to show up in Google results pages.


How to come up with a website tagline? How to pick a catchy tagline for a website?


You can begin by noting down multiple tagline versions. Think of how you could best describe the company’s activity and the site content. Then, form a descriptive phrase. Repeat the process. You’ll find out there are several directions you could follow in defining the site identity. Compare them and choose the best variant.

The winner version should be catchy, stir up curiosity and invite to further exploration of the site content.


How to write a (good) website tagline? What should your website tagline have?


A tagline should detail the title; however it has to be concise. It should include an action verb that illustrates the company activity. The tagline should be action-oriented, and it should serve as an incentive for users to enter a decision-making process.

Moreover, the tagline occupies a strategic place in a website. So, you should benefit from this advantage and use this “real estate” to set up a connection with users, from the very beginning.


How long should a tagline be?


As mentioned above, the tagline should be concise. You have to keep it short and as relevant as possible, using a limited number of words. The tagline should have no more than seven or eight words, so you have to carefully choose the best ones.


How to edit a tagline? Where to change tagline in WordPress?


You can edit the website tagline from the same section where you initially set it: in the Customizer, go to General Settings -> Site Identity Settings -> Tagline. Modify the original tagline or change it completely, as you want.




Giving your website a title and a tagline might seem minor changes. However, they have their importance, as they’re elements that express the site identity. In fact, they’re of utmost importance, and you should properly write them.

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