7 Trending Topics For Your New WordPress Blog in 2021

WordPress blogging trends 2021

Let me guess:

You’re here because you plan to start a WordPress blog this year. Or, you’re curious, and you’ve come to check if the topic of your existing blog is still trending.

Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place:

It’s critical to choose the right topic for your blog, especially if you plan to monetize it or use it as an instrument for audience attraction and brand promotion. In this post, you’ll learn how to pick a winning topic for a blog and find seven trending niches worth covering in your WordPress blog this year.


Why a blog topic matters

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that some niches are much more profitable than others. Sure, if you want to start a personal WordPress blog just for fun, writing about your life, hobbies, or interests — you do not need to care about its topic’s viability. But if you want a blog to bring traffic and generate income, you should focus on a niche that has a chance to succeed.

Otherwise, your blog will fail, no matter how hard you try to create useful content and distribute it to engage a broader audience.

How to know if you choose the right topic for a blog? Do the research and answer the following questions:

  • Are you knowledgeable enough about the topic?
  • When you search for this topic in Google, are there any ads about it?
  • Are there existing blogs on this topic with more than 10k fans on Facebook and more than 10k fans on Twitter?
  • When you check this topic’s related words and phrases in keyword planner tools, do any of them have more than 10k searches?
  • Do Google trends show continuous or rising interest in the topic?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, the topic is trending and worth covering in your WordPress blog. It means this topic already has an existing audience, users search for it, and it matches their intent; so, you have a chance to fight with the other popular blogs for the audience’s attention.

The #1 mistake of many bloggers:

They think it will be easy to create and promote a topic that has no competition.


No competition means no audience interest in this topic and, as a result, no backlinks to your content. Where will you get the audience? How will users find you if you write about things no one needs?

If you are serious about building the audience and monetizing your blog, pick a blog topic that’s popular among users, and set it up on the WordPress platform.

When you choose your topics, make sure to identify the low hanging fruits, the ones that have reasonable search volume, but are not too competitive. Tools such as Ahrefs or Ubersuggest can show you the competitiveness via metrics such as Keyword Difficulty or SEO Difficulty.

Source: Ubersuggest

Google Trends and Exploding Topics can help you see if the topic is still trendy or not, while Answer the Public gives you tons of subject ideas.

And now, for the topics:


Seven trending topics for WordPress blogs in 2021

  • Growth marketing

Source: Exploding Topics

Online technologies are rapidly growing today, leading to new ways of information search and buying behavior. Modern digital space tosses new challenges to marketers, and they look for updates and useful insights into the niche. It’s your chance to meet their search intent and break into this in-demand niche with your WordPress blog.

People want to learn growth and digital marketing, look for new strategies and tools to refresh their online presence, and search for expert content on the topic. If we look at the top Google searches report by Ahrefs, we’ll see a lot of sub-niche trends like social media (Facebook, Instagram) and YouTube. So you can blog about digital marketing in general or focus on its sub-niches such as content marketing, SEO, video marketing, social media, web design, email marketing, etc. 

By educating your audience on the topic, you’ll build a blog reputation and positive following. Try to focus on data-driven content, share up-to-date information, case studies, and examples. If you aren’t sure about your writing skills, think of professional content writers for your blog, or try some of the best writing apps to check your posts’ quality. I also love using Grammarly to check the accuracy of my writing.


  • Personal finance

It’s one of the most popular and profitable blog niches because of its practical usefulness for people. Even if they know how to earn money, they’ll look for advice on how to save and invest it right. Willing to earn more, the audience will look for guidelines from those who succeeded here.

More than that, this niche is evergreen. The searcher’s intent to find innovative ways of earning and managing money will help your blog get higher ranks in Google, leading to more traffic and conversion.

Personal finance topics many readers would find interesting and useful: making money online, personal finance management, stock market, alternative sources of investment, etc. You can also engage guest writers with a background in finance to share their hacks with your audience.

Here are some potential topics for your blog:

Source: Answer the Public


  • Health

Health and fitness are among the most profitable niches for bloggers. People always need information on how to stay fit: they search for anti-aging procedures, diets, workouts, and more. Blogs about health and everything related boost massive traffic and bring profits. Just check all the health and fitness topics on Google Trends — and you’ll find that it’s true.

It’s an extensive topic, and you won’t have problems with content ideas for your blog. Write about diets or healthy food, share expert tips on losing weight, educate the audience about time management for better sleep and less stress, write health product reviews, and so on.

But please post data-driven and scientifically proven information on your WordPress blog. You don’t have to be a medical professional to write about health, but get ready to spend time on research before sharing something that might influence your readers’ health and wellbeing. And invite experts to share their knowledge as well (once you grow bigger).

Source: Google Trends


  • Technology

Source: Google Trends

This trending topic is your #1 choice if you’re passionate about the latest tech. By educating the audience about the technology space, you’ll attract traffic and potential advertisers to your WordPress platform.

Hundreds of companies develop and release new tech products every week. So, the best formats for your blog content would be news and reviews. Therefore, you’ll turn your WordPress blog into the place where people come to find the latest updates about the tech world.

You can post content on different sub-niches: AI, mobile phones, PC games, applications, operating systems updates, etc.


  • Fashion

Source: Exploding Topics

This blog niche will never go out of trend (shopping was among the top five Google searches in 2020, according to the data from SemRush, and it has high advertising potential. Why? It’s simple: People love beauty, and they all want to look beautiful, making investments in fashion at least once a year. The niche is not about clothes only: accessories, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics are here too.

But if you plan to start a fashion blog, get ready for a ton of work: To stay the course and keep your audience engaged, you’ll need to do niche research all the time, watch all the latest fashion trends, and update your blog almost every week.

Users seek fashion and style guidelines online. Focus on high-quality visual content, write informative posts about trends, new collections, fashion weeks, and so on. To stand out from the crowd of other fashion bloggers, don’t just describe but share unique views. Personality and authenticity are what matters in blogging today.


  • Personal development

Source: Ahrefs

It’s one of the most popular blog niches. Today’s world is highly competitive, so people more often look for tips and strategies on self-care, becoming better, more professional, and happier in every aspect of life.

Although a general blog on personal development can help you attract a broader audience, focusing on a specific sub-niche will allow you to get more targeted traffic. Emotional intelligence, mindfulness, leadership, public speaking — most people look for expert advice in these fields. So, write how-to guides and tutorials that will help your audience grow.


  • Food

Source: Exploding Topics

Self-preservation (physical health, safety, and secure environment) is one of three basic instincts every person has, so there’s no surprise why food and lifestyle blogs are so popular. Everyone needs (and loves!) to eat, this is why blogs with recipes or interesting facts about food attract a large audience. The data taken from Exploding Topics on food trends say it all. 

You’ll never lack content ideas for your WordPress blog about food. Post recipes, share food videos, educate the audience about the world’s cuisines, review menus of local cafes and restaurants, publish funny quizzes about food, and so on. 

Pay attention to the visual content of your food blog: Images need to be eye-catching and mouth-watering.


And remember:

No matter what topic you choose for a WordPress blog, do your best to create useful content for the audience. Write compelling articles, optimize them for both people and search engines, format them for better readability, share expert data and opinions — and your audience will find you.


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