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How to Kickstart Your WordPress Website

[Marketing Plan Included]

All you need to know from setting up your WordPress website with NO CODING SKILLS to getting your first website visitors.

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What’s inside?

  • How to find your domain name
  • Website hosting: what about it?
  • How to start with the website design: themes vs builders
  • How to empower your website through WordPress plugins
  • How to kick-off your promotional plan


Web Design is getting easier by the day. With the right tools and some basic knowledge you can turn into a designer in no time.

Our guide will provide you with the checklist you need to set up your first WordPress website.

The thing is that the work ain’t done with your website going live. Probably the hard work is just beginning: letting people know that you’re out there.

For that you need a marketing plan. We’ve got your back on this as well.

What you’re waiting for? Go ahead and build the website of your dreams!